Livingston County

E-911 Addressing

The office of the Livingston County Zoning Administrator is providing E-911 addressing service to the residents of Livingston County who own property outside the corporate city limits of Chillicothe. The City of Chillicothe assigns their own addresses to residents of the city.

Having an established 911 address is beneficial to county residents in the event that emergency services such as fire, ambulance, or law enforcement would need to be dispatched to your residence. 911 calls made from a land line telephone, where a 911 address exists, will automatically provide dispatch personnel with your address and your location in the county.

Be sure to always post your address on your mailbox or where your driveway meets the road.

If you are planning new construction or are wanting to install new utilities, or would like a 911 address for any reason, please contact the office of the County Zoning Administrator at the Livingston County Courthouse:
700 Webster Street, Ste 3
Chillicothe, Missouri 64601
Phone: 660-646-8000 Ext 102